MSFL Testimonials

“The MSFL program has helped me to always be thinking about the effectiveness of what we do every week as a church through the lens of Christ-like formation, not merely numbers and budgets.”

Jerrell Jobe-  Mission, Texas (Cohort 3)


“As a busy mother of four young children and children’s ministry director, the last thing I could imagine myself doing was returning to school. Yet, I couldn’t escape the nagging sense that I was becoming a very tired servant. Often I wondered what sort of message I was sending to others with my frenetic behavior and continual commitments. My journey with MSFL enabled me to sort out the difference between how I presented myself to the world and how I truly lived in my own soul. Amidst the academic rigor of the program, I found myself in the same boat with a small cohort that quickly became our soul companions. The MSFL curriculum was the pathway God gave me to understand my identity as the Beloved of God—that same gift of belovedness I can now offer to those in my church, in my home, and in my community.”

Amy Palmerton – Orange County, California (Cohort 5)

“Today, a young man in our faith community said to me, ‘Mary, you are at the peak of your life and ministry right now.  The learning of these past three years has empowered your preaching, informed your teaching and made you a confident and effective leader and director.  You can’t resign now.'”

Mary Reimer – Winnipeg, Canada (Cohort 1)

“As I’ve become increasingly aware of God’s presence and His voice in my studies in the MSFL, my own definition of “to know the love of Christ” is taking on a deeper meaning in my spiritual journey.  Day by day, freedom to worship, to celebrate, and to experience community with God and others is the norm as it permeates all of my life with God.  My courses in the MSFL are also inviting me to look back at my historical journey with God and to embrace where I am now, hidden and covered with freedom in Christ.   I am gaining trust and confidence in my freedom in Christ as I’m now embarking on coursework that is equipping me to step out of my comfort and into a dynamic Spirit directed life.  I am excited to see where the Spirit will guide me in this journey.”

Matthew Clay – Lincoln, Nebraska (Cohort 12)