MSFL Residency

MSFL in Guatemala

Since 2012, MSFL students have had the benefit of studying Social Justice and Christian Spirituality in Guatemala. During this ten day experience students will get to see first hand the social issues that affect the poor in Guatemalan society. Our students will also have the opportunity to have discussions with various Guatemalan Spiritual leaders. To understand the people of God today, it is imperative to understand the church of the global south; being in Guatemala will afford our students this opportunity. Learn more.


MSFL Residency Focus

Our residency sessions are designed to give students face-to-face access to nationally-known leaders and practitioners in the field of spiritual formation and leadership. The week-long intensive seminars consist of a mixture of lecture, small group dynamics, personal reflection, spiritual exercises, as well as reading and writing assignments.



ChristenaBioDr. Christena Ceveland

Social psychologist, public theologian, author and professor at Duke Divinity School. 

Title TBA (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – January 2018)



Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.47.24 PMDr. Richard Beck

Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Abilene Christian University, Author, Speaker and Blogger.  

“The Call to Hospitality: Biblical and Theological Foundations to Spiritual Formation and Ecclesial Praxis” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – January 2017)



NFosterNathan Foster

Andrews Chair in Spiritual Formation, Professor, Author, and Speaker.  

“Transformation of the Personality: Helped by God and Invited to Help Others” (Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ – January 2016)



 TNS_Phyllis-Tickle-Photo-1_squarePhyllis Tickle

Contributing Editor to Publisher’s Weekly, Author, and Speaker.  

“Being Christian in the 21st Century” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – January 2015)



 EHeath14Rev. Elaine Heath, PhD

Co-Founder of the Missional Wisdom Foundation.

“Spiritual Direction as a Practice of Evangelism” (Serra Retreat, Malibu, CA, January 2014)



Juanita Rasmus

Founder and Creative Director of The Art Project Houston.

“To Love and to Serve: Activated Contemplation and Contemplative Action” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI, May 2013)


Margaret Benefield, Ph.D.

CEO of

“Leading from Within: Exploring the Soul of Leadership” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – May 2013)


John Michael Talbot

Musician, Author, and Speaker.  Founder of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Heritage and Troubadour for the Lord

“On Being a Monk in the World: The Way of the New Monasticism” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – May 2012)


L. Paul Jensen

Founder and Executive Director, The Leadership Institute

Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Spirituality, Leadership, and The Collapse of Space and Time” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – May 2012)


M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

Th. D. in New Testament History and Origins, Harvard University

“Scripture & Vital Piety” (Serra Retreat Center, Malibu, CA – January 2011)



Mindy Caliguire

Founder & President of Soul Care

B.A., Cornell University

“Embedding the Culture of Transformation in Your Church and Ministry” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – January 2010)


Bernie Owens, S.J.

Director of Internship in Ignatian Spirituality, Manresa Jesuit Retreat House, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Ph.D. in Christian Spirituality, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

“Finding God Where You Are At, Serving God with All You Have and Are” (Michindoh Conference Center, Hillsdale, MI – January 2010)



Tony Campolo

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Eastern University

Ph.D., Temple University

“Spirituality and Social Justice” (Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, PA – January 2009)



Shane Claiborne

Activist, Author and Recovering Sinner

Honorary Doctorate, Eastern University

“Spirituality and Social Justice” (Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, PA – January 2009)


Michael J. Christensen

Director of Shalom Initiative for Prophetic Leadership and Community Development

Ph.D, Drew University

“Living the Questions of the Spiritual Life” (Malvern, PA –  January 2009)



Dallas Willard 

Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

Ph. D., University of Wisconsin

“Intensive Seminar in Spiritual Formation” (Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center, Sierra Madre, CA – January 2008)


Richard J. Foster

Distinguished University Professor of Spiritual Formation

D.Th., P. Fuller Theological Seminary

“Intensive Seminar in Spiritual Formation” (Spring Arbor University – January 2007)