MSFL in Guatemala

The Guatemala Residency experience is made up of one face to face course, SFL671: Social Justice and Christian Spirituality. Professor Mary Darling and Professor Paul Nemecek co-teach in Guatemala City and Antigua with field trips in the morning and lectures in the afternoon.  Students visit the Guatemala National Cemetery which overlooks the City Dump, The National Cathedral and Marketplace, as well as other sites around the city. The Guatemala Residency is a once in a lifetime experience of not just studying social justice and culture, but being immersed in the tangible realities that face Guatemalans.

The Guatemala Residency also includes the following highlights:

  • Reparando: A documentary on Guatemala’s struggle to repair itself and its people following a 36-year civil war. Learn more at

  • Center for Transforming Mission (CTM). Learn more at

  • Field trip to Guatemala National Cemetery.

  • Field trip to the Forensic Anthropological Foundation of Guatemala (FAFG). Learn more at

  • Field trip to the Guatemala City Dump.

  • Camino Seguro. Learn more at

  • Guest speakers Pastor Erwin Luna (“Shorty”), Liz Herrera, Dr. Joel Van Dyke, Rev. Dr. Hector Castañeda and Suzy McCall.

“I went to Guatemala expecting to have my heart broken and it was. What I didn’t expect was such an outpouring of God’s love for me in particular. My view of God has been forever changed. ” – Janet Lee, Colorado, Cohort 11

“The Apostle Paul writes, ‘now we see through a glass dimly, then we shall see face to face,’ (I Cor 13:12).  The Guatemala residency was all about a cleaner window, from which to view the kingdom of God.  The surprise was being able to open the window and climb into that Kingdom for a while, experiencing the heart of Christ through the eyes of beauty and brokenness.  By the grace of God, my vision is still disoriented, I can’t seem to see the world as I used to!” – Steve Newton, Michigan, Cohort 12


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