From the director’s point of view


Welcome to the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership program (MSFL). We are delighted that you are considering our graduate program!

The MSFL is designed as a cohort-based, hybrid program that allows you to travel through the degree with a group of others who are seeking to bring the life of the mind together with life with God in the world. Combining online classes with face-to-face residencies, we strive to bring together the best of an online program with the interpersonal connections that are vital to holistic spiritual formation.

Our curriculum was developed in intimate dialogue with Richard Foster and continues to be shaped by what he has identified as the six spiritual streams of the Christian tradition. We are thankful for his ongoing involvement with our program, as well as the relationships we have cultivated with other leading figures in the spiritual formation movement, including Dallas Willard, Tony Campolo, Robert Mulholland, and Shane Claiborne. These figures support and supplement the incredible work our regular faculty contributes to the program.

Having witnessed the impact of the program in the lives of our students, I am convinced we offer the most unique and rewarding spiritual formation program available today. We cannot begin to express the depth of spiritual transformation that God’s Spirit continues to breathe through the program.

As we embark on this journey toward God together, expect to be stretched and transformed, challenged and blessed. We look forward to walking with you as we pursue the God who is pursuing us.

Dr. Eric Magnusson