MSFL Online Faculty



Kristian Bendoraitis

Adjunct Instructor, Spring Arbor University
Ph.D. in New Testament
University of Durham
Teaches: SFL 624 – Jesus Christ and New Testament Spirituality


Kenneth Brewer

Associate Professor of Theology, Spring Arbor University
Ph.D. in Theological and Religious Studies
Drew University
Teaches: SFL 612 – Formational Theology; SFL 613 – The Spirit-Empowered Life


Mary Albert Darling

Associate Professor of Communication, Spring Arbor University
M.A. in Communication Arts and Sciences
Western Michigan University
Teaches:  SFL 671 – Social Justice and Christian Spirituality; SFL 637 – Introduction to Spiritual Direction



Valerie Hess

Adjunct Instructor, Spring Arbor University
M.M. in Church Music
Valparaiso University
Teaches: SFL 602 – Disciplines of the Spirit


Thomas J. Holsinger-Friesen

Assistant Professor of Theology, Spring Arbor University
Ph.D. in Divinity
University of Aberdeen
Teaches: SFL 623 – Spiritual Wisdom of the Hebrew Scriptures


Robert S. Moore-Jumonville

Professor of Christian Spirituality, Spring Arbor University
Ph.D. in Church History
University of Iowa
Teaches: SFL 600 – Introduction to Christian Spirituality; SFL 611 – Christian Spirituality and Everyday Life; SFL 640 – Formational Ministry in the Church


Eric R. Magnusson

Assistant Professor of Theology, Spring Arbor University
D.Min. in Theology, Spirituality, and Communal Formation
Abilene Christian University
Teaches: SFL 604 – History of Christian Spirituality; SFL 612 – Formational Theology



Paul Nemecek

Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, Director of SAU Guatemala Center,  Spring Arbor University
M.A. in Sociology
Teaches: SFL 671 – Social Justice & Christian Spirituality