MSFL Easter Mercies | Grief Interrupted (Visio Divina)

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.48.42 PMBy Janet Lee (Cohort 11) — He saved her in so many ways. He healed her inner wounds. He freed her from the torment of evil spirits. He invited her to follow Him. He welcomed her into His family. He blessed and empowered her to serve and lead. He loved her so completely that she is reborn. She will never leave Him. Never!

But in the end He leaves her. HE leaves HER! His beaten and broken body gives up His spirit and He’s gone. She tries to hold on to the only piece of Him she can still reach—His bloodstained feet. Hot tears make tracks down her dusty face. Her heart is numb. She doesn’t know how to live without Him. Hopelessness consumes her. It cannot get any worse than this, she thinks.

She waits to return to His tomb, the separation from Him unbearable. One final act of devotion—the anointing of His body—remains for her. One last time she will gaze upon the One she loves so dearly. And then the final blow—They’ve taken Him! The empty tomb reflects her empty soul. She doesn’t cry, she WEEPS! Gut wrenching groans escaping from her lips. She doesn’t care who sees or hears her. Why is she crying? Jesus is gone and she doesn’t know where He is? Why is she crying? Jesus is gone and she doesn’t know how to find Him.


Practice Visio Divina with this image of Mary Magdalene.

MaryMGetty Museum, Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo (1480-85 – 1548) Mary Magdalen, 1521. Oil on canvas

Looking at the painting, imagine that this is that moment when Jesus speaks her name (John 20:16). What do you read in her face? What do you think she was thinking in that moment (give voice to her thoughts and feelings).

[Sit in silence for a time]

Imagine that you are the woman in the painting. Think about where you are in relation to Jesus. Is he near? Or far? Do you feel like he has left you? Are you longing to be near Him but you don’t know how? Be aware of the feelings that arise in you.

[Pull back into a time of silence]

Now listen. Hear Him calling to you. What do you hear in how He says your name? How do you feel when He says your name? How do you want to respond?

May the light of the Resurrected Christ shine on you this day and may you hear Him call your name.

IMG_2360Janet Lee (Cohort 11) runs The Anchor House, a place where homeless single mothers with young children can find hope and healing. She has two grown daughters and one adorable grandson.

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